Web & Mob App. Pentesting

Web & Mob App. Penetraion Testing @ Arcotics

Understand the level of risk and get a safe approach to appraise the security of your applications(Web & Mobile).

Due to the rising risks of precarious web attacks, it is necessary to perform a web penetration test. Web applications are unfortunetaly prone to dozens of security risks. Our professionals imitate the approach of hackers and follow the techniques used by malicious hackers and attackers to exploit the vulnerabilities.

Dunicot offers external and internal web application penetration tests as separate components. These tests will act upon the action of an actual hacker or attacker exploiting the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the web application without any dangers.

is recommended to conduct a web application penetration test after updating any change in the code of the application. We are focused to provide you the safe approach to evalute the security of your web application without any disruption to your business and operations.