Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about Arcotics

There are the couple of frequently asked questions and answers related to the Arcotics and it's services.

Yes, Arcotics also offers domain and hosting servives.

There can be a couple of reasons to have a web site which includes that, it is the thing which can reach to the millions of people around the world that might not otherwise be available. It can also enhance your business, customers can view and buy the products and services online. No matter what kind of business you're in, there are always various routes to grow and make endless customers on the web from the web.

Yup. Every site we have developed is mobile-friendly. We use responsive design web sites to make it mobile-friendly, which ensures that the website works fine on a various screen sizes of tablets and smartphones.

Once we have finisted the project, the client becomes the only owner of the site, files, source code, art, images, designs, UI, domain, hosting, panel. Arcotics will then carry on to offer support as needed.

As we have many security professionals in our arcotics family, who will implement rock-solid security defences while development of your application to protect your application against various attacks and hacking.

Its totally depend on contact or project detail.Once docuentaion of the project has been acknowledge by clients then it can not be changed..

E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce is a term generally used for online trading.With e-commerce we can do our business electrically or even we can sell and buy the things online.

Yes, Arcotics also offers e-commerce development services. We have a great team of application developers ready to program your first-class application beyond your imaginations. With the most advance technologies they will bring your creative ideas to your life.

It depends on the several parameters that affect how long does a e-commerce application would need for its development process. The important factors being fantasy that drives the app then come the formats, features, functionalities, options, user interface that needs to be concidered.

Contact to your hosting provider compnay instantly to scan your storage and server from malware and backdoors .

Use always paind and trusted security based application and extension on cPanel or hosting server.

A penetration test is a type of security test performed to identify the security vulnerabilities that can be exploited. It is different from vulnerability scan which needs human interaction to discover security flaws that automated scanners often miss.

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